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Basketball Court


  Providing a stage with a purpose of developing young athletes  

Coach Derek Fisher

Our Mission

Five-time NBA champion and former Head Coach Derek Fisher's passion for impacting the lives of young people motivated him to create a basketball camp and establish an AAU team 2 years ago. At Team Derek Fisher, formerly known as Phase 2, we are dedicated and focused on developing the basketball, leadership, and life skills of each athlete. The Coaches and Staff are prepared and excited to elevate athletes to the next level both on and off the court. The mission at Derek Fisher Be Better Foundation, Inc. (DFBBF) and Team Derek Fisher is to provide opportunities for our youth to thrive socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Through our literacy, health, fitness, and athletic programming, we will assist all participants with developing a strong passion for learning that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom and athletic arena. We will encourage all participants to grow in their commitments to scholastic excellence, healthy living, positive self-identification, character building, and leadership.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support a variety of entities that focus on the development and advancement of our youth. We are committed to supporting safe, organized, and exciting opportunities and experiences for girls and boys of all ages and skill levels. Participants will not only be exposed to athletic fundamentals and principles, they will also receive valuable lessons on how to be successful contributors to society while focusing on their academic, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Team Derek Fisher Philosophy

  • We take pride in the development of the young athletes in our program on and off the court

  • To build confidence, work ethic, and character

  • To help prepare serious student-athletes to compete at a highly competitive level, to understand and positively respond to constructive feedback, and to reach their full potential as basketball players, leaders, and human beings

  • All parties, including Team Derek Fisher, the coaching staff, parents, and players, agree to put the program as whole, ahead of the team and individuals. 


Derek Fisher

Founder & CEO, Derek Fisher Be Better Foundation, Inc.;
Head Coach Team Derek Fisher Girls 16U EYBL

Duran McGregory

Executive Director


Cynthia McGregory

Executive Directive & Program Administrator

Lashell Swann

Head Coach Girls 17U National Team

LaTijera Avery

Head Coach Girls 16U National Team

Shon Redmond

Head Coach Girls Varsity Team; Assistant Coach Girls National Teams

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