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 2023 SEASON 

Our Philosophy

  • We take pride in the development of the young athletes in our program on and off the basketball court

  • To build confidence, work ethic, and character

  • To help prepare and develop our middle school varsity student-athletes to be able to compete at a highly competitive level, to understand and positively respond to constructive feedback, and to reach their full potential as basketball players, leaders, and human beings

  • All parties, including Team Derek Fisher, the coaching staff, parents, and players, agree to put the program as a whole, ahead of the team and individuals. 


We will provide the platform for players our staff feels are ready to compete on the national and elite levels. We will maximize exposure for all our players and teams by seeking to gain recognition from media, scouting services, and other outlets and beneficial platforms. 


At Team Derek Fisher our goals is to prepare every player in our program to develop and have the opportunity to compete on the highest level being regional or at the national level. Through our literacy, health, fitness, and athletic programming, we will assist all participants with developing a strong passion for learning that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom and athletic arena. We will encourage all participants to grow in their commitments to scholastic excellence, healthy living, positive self-identification, character building, and leadership.


Team Commitment

We ask that all players at the regional/national level commit to at least a full club year of participation in the TDF program with each season being 5 months long – this includes prioritizing our program. All Girls National Teams will have similar schedules except for a few select events. Please refer to our basketball program club rules and player-parent policies for more details and expectations.

Program Uniforms/Gear

  • Team Uniform (to be returned to the club at the end of the season)

  • Spirit Pack (backpack, socks, short-sleeve shooting shirt, long-sleeve shooting shirt, hoodie, TDF Travel Team sweatsuit)

  • TDF Discount Program For Select Nike Shoes (All players must wear Nike shoes/apparel.  Because many players prefer to wear styles of their own choice, shoes are not provided to the team to keep team fees low.  However, we will provide a list of select styles that can be purchased for a significant discount)

Tournament & Events

  • Team Practices & Player Development (minimum 2 per week)

  • Team Film Sessions to support player development 

  • Tournament Registration Fees (excludes NCAA Basketball Certification System (BBCS)

  • Each season runs for 5 months with multiple regional level tournaments (see schedule section for more information)

  • Travel Fees For Coaches (if team participates in travel tournaments)

  • Coaching Stipends (if team participates in travel tournaments)

2023 Spring/Summer Roster

2023 TDF Girls Middle School Varsity Team

Head Coach: Shon Redmond

Rosters coming soon...

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